A3 Document Scanners

PROSCAN distributes a very wide range of A3 scanners. Our A3 scanners can use either a flatbed or an automatic document feeder or both.
Typically document scanners are much faster than the photographic scanners and also include software optimised for document scanning. 

It’s important to note that most customers who buy A3 document scanners do so to scan mostly A4 paper! Reasons include:
- Faster at scanning A4 documents (scanned on their side, reducing the paper travel by 1/3).
- Will be more tolerant to skewing when scanning mixed size documents.
- Even if the bulk of the scanning is A4, when you do get an A3 document, you want to be able to scan the whole batch in sequence on your scanner.
- Customers wanting to scan larger volumes of document normally look at A3 workgroup of production document scanners which have higher capacity feeders, are heavier duty and easier to service.
- Typically, on-site service is not offered on A4 scanners, but is available on most A3 document scanners.

Please note that when scanning via a document feeder it is usually possible to scanner much longer lengths than A3. In fact some models of A3 scanners are capable of scanning documents up to 5 meters long. That’s useful for scanning folded application forms, medical data and archives on listing paper.

Please feel free to browse from our range to find the right A3 scanner for you. We do recommend that you use our scanner finder to help you find the best scanner for you. It makes it easier to compare different models of scanners by taking into account the type of originals you need to scan. Our friendly sales team is also available to take your call if you would prefer to discuss your requirements further.