X-Ray Scanners

In order to scan X-rays, a scanner needs to have a good film scanning capabilities. Two scanners we have available to suit your x-ray scanning needs are the Epson V800 and the Microtek Artix 3200XL.

The Epson V800 with Silverfast X-ray software is a popular A4 scanner for scientific film and dental X-rays, including OPGs. The Epson V800 with SilverFast X-ray can be used to digitise dental X-Rays and other small size medical film. By fine tuning the scanner's characteristics, SilverFast X-Ray is able to get maximum detail tonal values out of medical and scientific x-rays. The easy to use tools also enables users without special knowledge in image processing to obtain perfect scans.

The Microtek Artix 3200XL is the preferred A3 scanner for larger X-rays.