Book Scanners

Book scanning is a specialised form of document scanning. Technical difficulties arise from the books being bound and sometimes fragile and irreplaceable, some manufacturers, have developed specialised products to deal with this, in their range of book scanners, incorporating bevelled front edges to protect the spine or in the case of the new Fujitsu SV600, an overhead capture technology with page turn recognition to activate the screen. Please refer below to our selection of book scanners from Avision and Fujitsu and more. 

Not only do we supply a range of book scanners to choose from, but we also supply portable scanners capable of scanning the smallest items such as credit cards and business cards. With readily available software these details can then be uploaded directly into a CRM. Looking for a business card scanner? We can meet your needs. We also supply a range of flatbed scanners, with sizes from A4 to A3. If you're looking for a flatbed scanner, look no further. We have one of the largest selection to choose from in Australia and New Zealand.