Scanner Software

PROSCAN supplies additional software over and above the capture and other related programs that come bundled with the scanners, which may include business card recognition, scan to various applications like Sharepoint, Word or Excel. An imbedded OCR program to create text searchable PDF's or a file organiser type application. PROSCAN offers the following software: EzeScan, ExactScan, Kofax VRS and Nuance Omnipage OCR software. 


EzeScan is an Australian software designed to automate data capture and integrate with document management solutions like Trim, Objective and Interwoven.

Why choose EzeScan Pro?

EzeScan PRO is a versatile product designed to automate and streamline document capture.

Easy to use and featuring powerful imaging features, EzeScan is capable of delivering impressive productivity gains.

EzeScan doesn't replace a document management system, it complements it by providing an easy way to capture paper documents and send index information to the most popular document management solutions. Licensing of the product is extremely flexible to suit a variety of needs. The user only acquires the modules needed for their specific application and there are no click charges ever. Local development ensures your specific requirements can be taken care of.


There are other modules for forms recognition, discovery for free form data extraction in accounts payable type applications and an upload module to link to existing databases to enable data verification.

Advanced users can consider optional routing modules, enabling the automatic sorting and distribution of documents based upon their content, be it typed text, hand print, barcode or check boxes.

Integration with all leading document management systems is assured, including:

• HP TRIM Captura

• HP TRIM Context Open Text

• DOCSOpen

• Objective DM

• Xerox DocuShare

• Microsoft Sharepoint

• Technology One

• Laserfiche

• Autonomy

• Alfresco

• and many others

Support for ODMA compliant document management systems is also available to further reduce operator intervention.


Provides capture software and drivers for your Avision scanner to enable it to work in a Mac environment.

Kofax Virtual ReScan (VRS) 

Kofax VRS is image enhancement and perfection software which reduces the time involved in manual document preparation and enhances the quality of scanned images. Dramatically improving both manual scanning productivity and the efficiency of document capture processes. 

If you are looking for a scanning software solution to enhance your scanners capabilities, such as in the case of a film scanner, PROSCAN has a solution for you!