Flatbed Scanners

PROSCAN offers flatbed scanners from Avision, Epson, Fujitsu, Microtek and Plustek. These different brands of flatbed scanner are used by different users depending on their needs. For instance, Avision and Plustek flatbed scanners mainly target the office market, offering very high speed flatbed scanning (a few seconds per page).  

However, both companies also offer flatbed scanners with a bookedge design, delivering superior results when scanning any bound originals like books and magazines.  Whilst, our Epson and Microtek flatbed scanners range, targets more the graphic arts and photographic market.

PROSCAN is the Official Distributor for Avision in Australia, New Zealand and PNG. Established in 1991, Avision is now the world's largest specialist manufacturer of document scanners, manufacturing and often designing scanners for the world's leading brands. With over 200 R&D staff, 3 major factories and thousands of employees, Avision is able to combine innovation with high quality manufacturing. Please feel free to ask us for an Avision company profile. Proscan Australia is also the official Australia and New Zealand distributor for Plustek OpticSlim and Office scanners.

PROSCAN Australia is the Official Distributor of Fujitsu document scanners in Australia. Featuring state-of-the-art scanning solutions ranging from portable scanners all the way to large production scanners, Fujitsu document scanners deliver speed, image quality, great paper handling and Fujitsu's renowned reliability.

Fujitsu is the world's leading document scanner company, including the No.1 position in North America, Europe and Japan for both Desktop and Workgroup scanners. Thanks to this prominent position, Fujitsu scanners offer compatibility with over 200 different document imaging applications.

PROSCAN Australia supplies the full range of Fujitsu ScanSnap and fi- series document scanners and offers support on all aspects of Fujitsu scanners, including the flagship Fujitsu fi-5950 production document scanner. Please feel free to contact us on 1300 132 001 for information and advice on the wide range of Fujitsu scanners, or alternatively browse through the products listed below.

Avision and Plustek both offer, a very complete range of document scanners, and whilst you may browse through the list below, you may also use our scanner finder to help select the right scanner quickly.